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Sep 26 2008 4:47PM

So okay, we’re driving back from The Silver Summit, held last week in Idaho, and our normal conversations about the kids, our dog, our upcoming move north to Semiahmoo take a major change.

Now the Mrs. wants to talk about putting more of our assets into gold and silver. She has just spent the last three days talking with the likes of John Embry, David Morgan, Greg McCoach and the rest of the experts who attended this event and she is concerned. I mean, really concerned.

To make matters worse, we watched President Bush’s speech and followed that joyful event by listening to the pundits describe what will probably be economic reality in the United States in the months ahead. Let me tell you, that reality does not look good for people who are unprepared.

Will the bailout work and what will it do for the American people?

I and all of the regular guests on The Korelin Economics Report are convinced that it will not work.

Dr. Martin Weiss, President of Weiss Research, sent a “white paper? to the federal government with recommendations as to changes to the bailout plan. He is an incredibly bright man who has a highly qualified staff behind him. It makes sense to me that qualified people such as Dr. Weiss should provide economic direction instead of many of the politicians who looking to feather their nests by adding pork to a bill that so far makes no sense unless you enjoy living in a socialistic economy.

David Kotok, of Cumberland Advisors, has a similar view. Recently he stated that if we believe what we are told, this extraordinary increase in the use of federal credit is needed to keep the United States from a modern version of The Great Depression. There are many who don’t believe the need and are justifiably cynical. Others would alter the form and/or substance of the package. Still others would be willing to risk a depression. No one know with certainty what view is correct. Wall Street is sinking and Main Street is sinking.?

On the Korelin Economics Report which will air this weekend, I interviewed James Turk, Paul van Eeden, Dr. Martin Weiss and Jay Taylor and we spoke about this issue. Listen and see what they have to say.

I am convinced that the only way, in this environment, to protect myself and my family is to listen to the Mrs. She and I need to buy more precious metals.

Will they go up or down in price? It really doesn’t matter. At least we will have the ultimate store of value in our possession instead of just promises.

Take a listen to our radio program and listen to what our group of experts have to say on this subject every week. If you don’t live in one of the hundred or so markets in which the show airs, listen on the Internet that way you don’t have to put up with commercials.

A.B. Korelin



Al Korelin is the host of the internationally syndicated Korelin Economics Report radio program and the President of A.B. Korelin and Associates, Inc. – a regulatory consulting firm that has been providing services to mining companies for the past 27 years.