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Nevada Gold Rush

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September 02, 2005

Nevada has become the center of attention for gold companies seeking new deposits. Recent developments signal that several junior companies are about to be a part of the gold rush.

The following is extracted from the August 2005-2 Special Nevada Gold Rush Issue

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No area in the world is seeing more exploration activity – nor producing more ounces of new discoveries – than Nevada. The state has quickly emerged as the third largest gold producing region in the world. With annual production of 8 million ounces a year, this one state produces 11% of the annual mined supply of gold. Only South Africa and Australia produce more of the precious metal than Nevada.

Some important developments in recent weeks signal that the trends that propelled the gold-rich state to the top ranks of gold producing regions are going to accelerate, increasing the importance of Nevada to the gold industry. Some of the junior explorers involved in the gold rush that is unfolding will deliver big gains to shareholders.

With the gold price again closing in on a 16 year high, investors are getting positioned in gold companies, making the Nevada story all the more timely.

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Centerpiece For Three Of The Majors

Three of the largest gold producers – Newmont, Barrick and Placer Dome – already derive a large portion of their annual production from Nevada. All of these gold companies have made the state a top priority in their exploration and development plans.

Nevada is important to the gold industry for several reasons:

- It ranks among the most favorable jurisdictions in the world to find, develop and operate mines.
- There is a long history of mining, providing a strong base of mining skills and expertise.
- The infrastructure for mine development in Nevada is better than any place on the planet.
- Existing milling facilities have unused capacity, meaning that mines can be brought to production quickly and inexpensively.
- Nevada has one of the richest endowments of gold of any region in the world.

Vast areas of the state remain under-explored and new approaches are leading to big discoveries.

In addition to those benefits enjoyed by the state, geopolitical trends over the past few years are leading some companies to favor the United States in general as a favored place for developing mines. Mining companies are growing increasingly wary of investing in areas that may be subject to political upheaval, terrorism, corruption or capricious application of laws.

Gold mines in the United States also have a built-in currency hedge.

Mines in some countries are facing challenges as local costs escalate relative to the price of gold. For example, most of the gold production in South Africa is now uneconomic, as the strength in the South African currency has driven up mining costs relative to the dollar price of gold. Even with gold at the highest level in two decades, gold mines in South Africa are shutting down, as they are unprofitable.

Within the United States, the gold industry is focused on Nevada and Alaska, with Nevada holding the lead as the best place to look for new gold deposits.

The flip side of all the benefits enjoyed by Nevada is that much of the prospective exploration ground is already tied up. However, companies that had the foresight to acquire prospective ground while the gold industry was quiet are now poised to benefit as exploration activity heats up.

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