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The Rosen Market Timing Letter

By Ronald Rosen      Printer Friendly Version Bookmark and Share
Feb 15 2010 2:12PM

“Time is more important than price; when time is up price will reverse.?


“How long will it take to show me your discovery??

"Not long," said Jim, "but first if you wouldn’t mind, I would like to tell you how this thing, Delta, came about."

"Is that what you call it, Delta?"

"Yes. Delta is a Greek letter derived from a word meaning door, in this case a door to the unknown. It also means for me the word diagnosis, a diagnosis of the markets. A few months ago I began thinking about the markets in a way that was different for me. I attempted to find out if there was some kind of order in all markets. I visualized the markets as being a hologram. Do you know what a hologram is, Welles?"

"Yes, a hologram is a projection in three dimensions."

"Right. Do you know how one is made?"


"A hologram is made by projecting laser light through a holographic negative - much like a photographic negative with normal lighting. However, if one looks at the holographic negative with normal lighting, it looks like mass confusion."

"When laser light is projected through the negative, then the three-dimensional hologram appears and the confusion is replaced by perfect order."

"This was my approach to finding order in the markets. Suppose the holographic negative was the markets. If I could find the right laser to shine through the negative, if there was order there, it would be immediately obvious. He asked me to come into the kitchen and sit down at the table."

"Here is a bar chart of the last nine months of Gold. It's mass confusion. Now look at this same market with this Delta overlay on the chart. Just study it for a minute."

I looked at the chart. It was overlaid with colored lines and numbers. It took about five seconds for it to hit me. I could not believe the answer was that simple.?

“I suddenly felt a sense of awe seeing something like no one else had ever seen. I felt like the person who had spent his life searching for something, and ended up finding it in his own backyard.?

You can listen to all the bubbameisters about gold, silver, the HUI, and the Dollar Index or you can simply follow the Delta Turning Points.

bubbameister - 1 definition - A long story or old wives' tale, that is, something a grandma would tell. -



The complete Delta Story and the Delta Turning Points for the HUI, plus gold, silver, U. S. Dollar Index, S & P 500, and crude oil are available through subscriptions to:



Stay well,


Simeon - A Picture of Patience

Welles Wilder,
Creator of the RSI, DMI and numerous other technical indicators



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