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IPMI Conference Focuses On Broad Range of Metals Industry Issues
by Kitco News | June 10, 2011

San Antonio, Texas—(Kitco News)—Participants at the 35th International Precious Metals Conference here next week will hear expert discussion on subjects ranging from how to do business during a precarious economic recovery to conflict gold, regulation and environmental issues.

The conference, sponsored by the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI) begins Sunday, June 12 and runs through Tuesday, June14.

Keynote speaker on Monday will be Peter Morici, a professor of International Business at the University of Maryland. Morici will discuss "A Precarious Recovery: Succeeding When Growth is Slow and Uncertain." Morici was former director of Economics at the U.S. International Trade Commission. He is considered an expert on international economics and agreements, macroeconomics and industrial policy.

The conference kicks off Sunday, June 12 with sessions on refining and slag, on silver as the other big white metal, on new business practices in precious metals and evolutions in technology.

Monday sessions in addition to Morici's keynote address will deal with analyzing precious metals, with conflict gold issues and refining and recovery.

On Tuesday, sessions will address economics and regulations for precious metals, technology and processing in precious metals and over the count markets.

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