Kitco News covers the 2011 PDAC Mining Investment Convention The International Precious Metals Institute
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Speaker Spotlight

Peter Morici Dr. Peter Morici

Professor Peter Morici is a recognized expert on economic policy and international economics. Prior to joining University, he served as director of the Office of Economics at the U.S. International Trade Commission. He is the author of 18 books and monographs and has published widely in leading public policy and business journals including the Harvard Business Review and Foreign Policy. Morici has lectured and offered executive programs at more than 100 institutions including Columbia University, the Harvard Business School and Oxford University. His views are frequently featured on CNN, CBS, BBC, FOX, ABC, CNBC, NPR, NPB and national broadcast networks around the world.

Philip Newman Philip Newman
Research Director, GFMS Limited

Philip Newman is a Research Director with GFMS Limited, the internationally renowned London based independent precious metals consultancy. After graduating with Honours in Economics from the University of Surrey in the UK, Philip joined GFMS in 1994. During his tenure, he has managed the company's research across much of Europe, including the Nordic Region and Germany, as well as the Middle East, including Jordan and Lebanon. In 1998, following a management buy-out at GFMS, Philip became the country manager for the United States, Turkey and Egypt, with responsibility for the company's analysis of all areas of demand in these critical jewellery and investment markets. In each instance, this involves an ongoing programme of field research focussed on a network of key contacts covering every area of the supply chain. As well as this field research, Philip contributes to a range of reports published by GFMS, including their authoritative annual Gold, Silver and PGM Surveys and the company's short and long-term forecast reports.

Cecilia L. Gardner, Esq Cecilia L. Gardner
President, CEO & General Counsel, JVC

Cecilia L. Gardner is currently President, CEO and General Counsel of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC), a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to compliance with laws pertaining to the jewelry industry. She also holds the position of General Counsel to the World Diamond Council, an international association whose purpose is to end the trade in conflict diamonds. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Women's Jewelry Association and the Board of Directors of the Jewelers for Children. She also serves as General Counsel and Director of the United States Kimberley Process Authority Institute and on the President's Council and Executive Committee of CIBJO, an international confederation of jewelry associations. A graduate of Smith College and Hofstra University School of Law, Ms. Gardner's professional career included positions as an Examining Attorney with the Department of Investigation of the City of New York, and as a federal prosecutor at the Office of the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. As an Assistant United States Attorney, she specialized in narcotics, money laundering, organized crime and white-collar cases. Her positions included appointments as the Deputy Chief of the Narcotics Unit and as Attorney-in-Charge in the Long Island Office.

John Bullock John Bullock

John Bullock is an attorney with thirty years of experience in representing precious metal companies in environmental and regulatory matters, both as outside and inside counsel. On the conflict gold issue, he participates in conflict-free gold certification working groups of the Responsible Jewellery Council, the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition-Global eSustainability Initiative, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. He also serves as Chair of the Environmental and Regulatory Affairs Committee of the International Precious Metals Institute. John also participates in the U.S. Treasury's Bank Secrecy Act Advisory Committee, the U.S. Department of Commerce Non-Ferrous Metals Advisory Committee, and the UNEP Basel Convention on Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Wastes. John received a B.A. and J.D. from Yale University.

JP Rosso JP Rosso
Senior Vice President, Precious Metals Business Development

JP earned his BA at Loyola University, Los Angeles, CA. He has completed graduate work in Law and Business, including global business from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. JP has been in precious metals refining for 30 years. He has worked directly with some of the largest primary (mining) and secondary (industrial) generators of precious metals around the world. He has authored and presented papers on a wide variety of precious metals related topics to: AICHE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers), NPRA (National Petrochemical Refiners Association), IPMI (International Precious Metals Institute), Colorado School of Mines.

G. Miguel Perez-Santalla G. Miguel Perez-Santalla
Vice President Marketing, Heraeus Precious Metals Management

Miguel Perez Santalla has been involved with metals for over 30 years. He started on Wall Street in the early 1980s, before moving on to Piano Remittance Corp., where he was the Chief Dealer for Precious Metals and Foreign Exchange for 12 years. Later, he was a Senior Vice President of Foreign Exchange and Precious Metals at Tradition North America and Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co. in New York. In 1998, he started his own precious metals and commodity futures business, trading as Trinity International LLC and Trinity Futures. Having long been a customer of Heraeus Precious Metals over the years, he eventually joined the company as its Vice President of Sales in February 2005.

Peter Schmitt Peter Schmitt

Peter Schmitt has extensive experience in both academia and industry. He started out studying physics at the University of Wuerzburg, Germany. He acquired a PhD at the Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron in Hamburg and worked at CERN (Geneva) as a postdoctoral research assistant for Harvard University. Schmitt's first industry job was as project manager at AEG in Germany, where he worked on developing car phones. In 1995, he moved to the United States to work for BASF in various IT positions including Director of Infrastructure and Project Leader for SAP implementations. In 2003, he founded Schmitt & Associates, LLC. The company provides a range of IT products such as Web-based database applications and business process, reporting and analysis tools. Since 2010, Peter Schmitt has been the IT director at BASIQ, Inc. He currently develops new software approaches to manage precious metals business processes.

Rohit Savant Rohit Savant

Rohit Savant is a Senior Commodity Analyst at CPM Group, a commodity market research, consulting, asset management, and investment-banking firm headquartered in New York City. Mr. Savant joined CPM Group in 2005. During this period, he has written extensive research reports on the precious metals markets, was involved in providing consulting services to clients, and has worked on various special research projects.