Whatever the size your portfolio may be, it is important to get balance right by diversifying your assets. It increases the odds of you being able to weather volatile markets and turbulent times. Diversifying your assets is especially critical when it comes to your retirement savings. The trouble is that while all IRAs offer great tax advantages, most don’t allow you any control over what your money is placed in. So you cannot really balance your portfolio appropriately.

But there is an alternative. With a self-directed IRA, you get to choose the asset class that you want to place your money in. Financial experts have always recommended placing about 10 per cent of your funds in precious metals as a prudent strategy. With a self-directed IRA, you can do this easily and conveniently with Kitco.

Throughout the history of money, two simple facts have remained unchanged. A diversified portfolio is usually more secure than an undiversified one and precious metals can be a good shield against value erosion.

For generations, people have understood the value of precious metals as a buffer against financial instability and inflation. Unlike most other assets, precious metals tend to retain their value. Historic trends show that precious metal values bear a low correlation to the market changes that dramatically impact other assets. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium have therefore helped bolster people’s savings against the effects of unpredictable events. They can serve the same function in your IRA.

You can diversify your traditional IRA or Roth IRA by placing precious metals in it. More importantly, you may transfer your existing IRA to a qualified precious metal IRA without incurring taxes or penalties. If your 401K plan permits it, you can even place precious metals in it.

At the end of the term of your precious metal IRA, you can cash out your metal holdings or choose to take possession of physical coins or bars that you can sell later. So, in addition to having a better balanced portfolio, you have the advantage of flexibility with a precious metal IRA.

Our dedicated team of precious metal IRA specialists will make things simple on your end. To begin with, here are some basic things you need to know.

You can move your IRA to precious metals by transferring your existing IRA or by rolling over your 401K to one of the reputed IRA custodians we work with. First, you have to open an account with the IRA trust company of your choice and authorize them to nominate Kitco as your account representative. This will help us facilitate your transfer or roll-over.

There is some paperwork involved and there are certain rules and regulations to comply with. Our customer service representatives will explain the formalities when you call them.

It’s not complicated. Placing precious metals in your IRA through Kitco involves a few simple steps.

  1. Call Kitco on 1-877-775-4826. We will open your Kitco account and explain how to set up an account with a recognized IRA trust company.
  2. You can open a new IRA or transfer your funds from your existing IRA to this new account (we’ll help you get this done). We recommend nominating Kitco as the account representative (this will speed up the process and help us handle much of the paperwork).
  3. Choose from Kitco’s wide range of IRA-qualified precious metal products and place your order.
  4. We will send the invoice to your chosen trust company and deliver your precious metals to them for custodial storage (you cannot take physical possession of IRA-related precious metal holdings).

You also have the option of rolling your 401K over into a precious metal IRA. Kitco can help you do this too and can supply the precious metals for your IRA. To know more about the roll-over option, please call us on 1-877-775-4826.

  • Kitco has earned a solid international reputation and has over 30 years of experience in the precious metals industry.
  • Kitco’s team of highly trained precious metal IRA specialists will guide you through every step of the process.
  • Kitco offers special volume discounts on transactions (for many bullion coins and bars) worth over $100,000.
  • Kitco’s relationships with some of the most reputed trust companies lead to a highly streamlined account set-up process.
  • Kitco delivers products to your account within four days of your payment being cleared.

To qualify for inclusion in your IRA or 401K, a precious metal product must be manufactured by a recognized national mint. Products of a certain specified purity level are also allowed if they are made by refiners that either have ISO 9001:2008 certification or are named on an industry-standard “Good Delivery” list.

Kitco offers a very wide range of products that meet these requirements. For your IRA or 401K, you can choose from among the following.





American Eagle coins

Canadian Maple Leaf coins

Austrian Philharmonic coins

Gold bars from various recognized refiners


American Eagle coins

Canadian Maple Leaf coins

Austrian Philharmonic coins

Kitco Signature Silver Products

Silver bars from various recognized refiners


American Eagle coins

Canadian Maple Leaf coins

Isle of Man Noble Coins

Platinum bars from various recognized refiners


Canadian Maple Leaf coins

Palladium bars from various recognized refiners


As a leader in the precious metals industry, Kitco aligns itself with other expert companies to offer superior products and services to our customers. Kitco has established relationships with some of the most highly reputed, market-leading IRA custodians. Our customers can set up their precious metal IRA accounts with any of the following companies:

Sterling Trust Company
Established in 1974, the Sterling Trust Company, a division of the Equity Trust Company, is a leader in the self-directed retirement plan industry. Sterling Trust and its affiliates provide services to over 110,000 individuals and businesses nationwide with approximately $8 billion in assets under custodial and retirement administration. Sterling Trust is strictly regulated by state and federal regulators and is subject to Internal Revenue Service and U.S. Department of Labor regulations.

GoldStar Trust Company
Originally incorporated as the Colonial Trust Company in 1989, the GoldStar Trust Company is a trust branch of the Happy State Bank. Being part of a Texan bank, the company and its financial standing are closely monitored by the Texas Department of Banking and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. GoldStar’s financial robustness, high-quality service and comprehensive range of retirement services have helped make it one of America’s leading trust companies.

New Direction IRA, Inc.
New Direction IRA is a trusted provider of investor education and recordkeeping services for retirement accounts. We enable individual investors to take control of their tax advantaged retirement funds using alternative asset opportunities that are ideally suited to each investor’s retirement goals and investment style. Investors, advisors and asset providers choose New Direction because of our depth of experience in retirement asset acquisition (opportunities), specialized education offerings and proven track record of reliable transaction funding and thorough asset documentation. Call us today at 877-742-1270.

Provident Trust Group
Provident Trust Group, LLC is a full-service trust company, licensed and bonded for the purpose of administering custodial services, especially self-directed retirement plan administration. With full ERISA and IRS code compliance, Provident administers the accounts of over 10,000 clients with an emphasis on security, privacy and transparency. Its asset depository services help investors diversify beyond traditional investments and allow them to work directly with their advisors, agents and brokers.

NuView IRA, Inc
NuView IRA, Inc. is a self-directed IRA administration company that specializes in holding alternative investments within retirement plans. The company follows strict compliance requirements set forth by its custodial bank and the Kansas Department of Banking. The safety and security of its customers' accounts is a top priority for NuView IRA. Believing that personal service and client education are the true keys to success, NuView IRA offers hundreds of classes each year to educate people on the investment choices available for retirement plans. The company has a dedicated client services team to assist people with unlocking their IRAs to access wider investment choices.

Sunwest Trust
Sunwest Trust, Inc. began in 1987 as a small escrow company. In 2003, Sunwest Trust, Inc. received its trust powers, becoming the only company in New Mexico with the ability to act as both an escrow agent and a custodian for IRAs, with a special focus on self-directed IRAs. Sunwest currently services over 5,000 owner financing contracts and acts as custodian for over 5,000 IRAs with a combined value of over 1 billion dollars.

American Estate & Trust
American Estate & Trust, LC (AE-Trust) is a licensed trust company that is regulated and examined by the Nevada Financial Institutions Division. The company provides custodial and administrative services for IRAs, 401(k)s, health and educational savings accounts and pooled investment funds. AE-Trust is an Accredited Business and member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau, with no complaints having ever been lodged against the firm.

Self Directed IRA Services
Texas-based Self Directed IRA Services, Inc. (SDIRA Services) was founded in 2008 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Horizon Bank (established in 1905). SDIRA Services provides administration and custody of alternative and traditional assets (precious metals, real estate, trust deeds, mortgages, tax liens, promissory notes, etc.) in self-directed IRAs of all types. The company’s mission is “to provide the highest level of customer service, attention to detail and dedication” to its clients.

The Kingdom Trust Company
The Kingdom Trust Company was established in 2010 as a South Dakota chartered Trust Company to provide custodial services to investors who wish to diversify their retirement accounts and hold both traditional and non-traditional assets. The Kingdom Trust Company also accepts Perth Mint certificates for placement in self-directed IRAs. Kingdom was started by seasoned self-directed industry professionals who are committed to providing personal service to customers. The company’s philosophy is that customers ought to be more than just account numbers. As such, the company assures its customers of speedy, accurate and courteous service.

Next Generation Trust Services
Next Generation Trust Services, LLC, based in Roseland, New Jersey, specializes in comprehensive account administration and support services for self-directed retirement plans, which clients control as they build wealth through the alternative investments allowed in these accounts.

Next Generation offers education and guidance about self-direction as a retirement strategy and the support needed to maintain these accounts. Next Generation holds the funds, provides administrative assistance, and files and manages all mandatory paperwork pertaining to the transactions for individuals who are making their own direct investments. For more information, contact Next Generation at 973-533-1880 or info@NextGenerationTrust.com.

Before making any financial decisions please be aware that:

  • Kitco can facilitate the process of placing precious metals in your IRA. However, we are not financial or taxation advisors, so we cannot give you any investment advice. We recommend that you consult a qualified tax and/or financial advisor before making any financial decisions.
  • Placing precious metals in your IRA carries an element of risk. Your financial advisor would be the best person to consult for a better understanding of this risk.

What are the official rules and regulations that govern IRAs?
IRAs are governed by official U.S. government rules and regulations, which are subject to change.Please see the official Internal Revenue Service website for more information on the laws that govern IRAs.

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