Uranium Energy Corp


Uranium Energy Corp (NYSE American: UEC) is a U.S.-based uranium mining and exploration company. As a leading pure-play American uranium company, UEC is advancing the next generation of low-cost and environmentally friendly In-Situ Recovery (ISR) mining uranium projects.

In South Texas, the Company's hub-and-spoke operations are anchored by our fully licensed Hobson Processing Facility, which is central to our Palangana, Burke Hollow, Goliad and other ISR pipeline projects. In Wyoming, UEC controls the Reno Creek project, which is the largest permitted, pre-construction ISR uranium project in the U.S.

Additionally, the Company's diversified holdings provide exposure to a unique portfolio of uranium related assets, including:

1) major equity stake in the only royalty company in the sector, Uranium Royalty Corp.

2) physical uranium warehoused in the U.S.; and

3) a pipeline of resource-stage uranium projects in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Paraguay.

In Paraguay, the Company owns one of the largest and highest-grade ferro-titanium deposits in the world.

The Company's operations are managed by professionals with a recognized profile for excellence in their industry, a profile based on many decades of hands-on experience in the key facets of uranium exploration, development, and mining.

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Investment Highlights:

  • UEC's large and diversified U308 production-ready assets in the Americas:

    • 104 million pounds U3O8 resources within a combined portfolio of:

      • 58 Mlbs of Measured & Indicated U308 resources

      • 45 Mlbs Inferred U308 resources

    • 4.94 billion tons, grading 7.41% Titanium (TiO2) and 23.6% Iron (Fe203)

    • 69.6 million pounds of Vanadium (V2O5)

    • $200M of NPV in hard rock uranium/vanadium projects in Arizona and Colorado (based on completed PEA reports)

  • Fully permitted and state of the art infrastructure advantage with Hobson Processing Plant (2Mlbs production capacity)

  • 100% unhedged & Production ready: A pipeline of low-cost, fully licensed & permitted ISR projects, with a production profile of 4Mlbs per year in Texas and Wyoming

  • In 2021, UEC's physical uranium initiative includes 2.3M lbs. of U.S. warehoused uranium - Bolsters UEC balance sheet as uranium prices appreciate and support future marketing and production efforts and accelerate cashflows for emerging U.S. origin specific opportunities

  • The Alto Paraná titanium project, World's largest Titanium deposit located in Paraguay, is a potential monetization opportunity

  • Most favorable demand growth: Global nuclear energy generation has recovered to pre-Fukushima levels with 57 reactors added to grid since 2012. Uranium spot price (at US$43/lb on Oct 1, 2021) is up over 142% since Nov 2016 low at $17.75/lb.

  • Market Fundamentals continue to improve with a growing deficit between primary production and reactor requirements: 2021 Demand expected = 191M lbs.; 2021 Production expected = 128M lbs.; 2021 Production gap is 63M lbs. below requirements. Cumulative gap through 2025 is 253M lbs., 372M lbs. by 2028.

  • U.S. Uranium & Nuclear Energy historic support in Washington D.C.: Strong Bipartisan Support for Nuclear Energy, Included in U.S. Energy Carbon Free Goals, Clean Energy Standard, American Jobs Plan.

  • The Department of Energy's historic announcement to purchase 17-19M lbs. U.S. mined U3O8 starting within 2021 ($75M Appropriations expected for fiscal 2022). Only U.S. mined uranium can supply the U.S. Department of Energy $1.5B Uranium Reserve.

Corporate Information:

Share Structure(1)
As of September 9, 2021

Issued & Outstanding 233.2 M
Warrants(4) 5.4 M
Options(4) 12.6 M
Fully Diluted(1) 251.2 M
Cash, Equity, and Inventory Holdings (1,2,3) US$123.4M
Market Cap (as of Oct 7, 2021) US$707 M
UEC: NYSE American (Oct 7, 2021) US$3.03
Avg. Daily Vol. (3-mo) 6,186,293
Debt(5) $10 M

Stock Exchange Information:
NYSE American: UEC
ISN: US916896103

Corporate Office
500 North Shoreline Ste. 800N, Corpus Christi, TX 78401

Contact Investor Relations:
Toll Free 1-866-748-1030
Email: info@uraniumenergy.com
Website: www.uraniumenergy.com
Twitter: @UraniumEnergy

(1)As of April 30, 2021, our most recent financial statements date
(2) Equity holdings include 15M shares of Uranium Royalty Corp (UROY) having a trading price of US$3.85 at closing on Sep 29, 2021
(3) As of Sep 29, 2021, Inventory holdings include 1,000,000 lbs delivered U3O8, which is part of the 2.5M lbs physical uranium initiative with multiple deliveries between March 2021 to December 2022
(4) $22.7M cash to be received should all warrants and options be exercised
(5) In November 2020 and March 2021, UEC made voluntary principal repayments totaling $10M, reducing the total principal outstanding to $10M