Bitcoin Is Corrupted And Made By Humans, Unlike Gold

Gold’s value as a currency lies in its uniqueness and its long history for being used as a reliable store of value, this according to Chris Mancini, analyst of Gabelli Gold Funds.
“The big picture story on gold has always been, and always will be the fact that it is an asset, a currency, that can’t be replicated and can’t be created at will like other currencies,” Mancini told Kitco News on the sidelines of the 121 Mining Investment conference in New York.

121 Mining Investment

121 Mining Investment
121 Mining Investment New York will gather senior investors from institutional funds, private equity groups, family offices and sector analysts to meet with carefully selected mining company management teams in the world’s capital of finance.Featuring cash-generating producers, near-production development companies, project generators and exciting exploration projects, the event this June offers investors the perfect forum to seek out their next big mining investment opportunity.

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