Why This Commodity Is Recession Proof

Energy consumption, particularly natural gas, is more of a consumer staple than discretionary item, and is thus less likely to be affected by an economic downturn, said Richard Cottee, CEO of Central Petroleum.
“The one thing that’s interesting about recessions, is that it doesn’t actually change your energy consumption,” Cottee told Kitco News on the sidelines of the Noosa Mining & Exploration Investment Conference.

Noosa Mining Investor Conference

Noosa Mining Investor Conference
This valuable and informative investor conference will be held for an eighth year at Peppers Noosa Resort from 12:30pm on Wednesday 18th July to Friday 20th July 2018. The conference will feature listed resource companies showcasing and selling their investment credentials via an exhibition and formal presentations. Designed for resource investors, brokers and fund managers to better understand current investment opportunities in the mining, energy and exploration sectors, the conference brings senior company executives and investors together in a relaxed yet sophisticated setting.

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