Reality matters; why all-time high gold price was not ‘real’

Adjusted for inflation, gold’s price has not hit the all-time high yet, said Lobo Tiggre of The Independent Speculator.
“If we go by what the BLS [Bureau of Labor Statistics] publishes for its CPI data, we can see that gold has not hit a new all-time high. To match the 2011 peak, gold would have to go over $2,150, which we haven’t reached yet, and to match its 1980 peak, it would have to go over $2,700,” Tiggre told Kitco News.

Precious Metals Summit 2020

Precious Metals Summit 2020
The 10th Annual Beaver Creek Summit (Virtual) will take place for three days, starting Tuesday September 15, 2020 and concluding Thursday, September 17, 2020.

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