Greenland: The Land Of The Yellow Metal?

When most people think of Greenland, they generally don’t associate it with gold mining, but this company is out to change that perception.
“There has been one active gold mine in Greenland…we merged 3 different companies together to make one listed gold company in Greenland, we’re the only one. It’s on a gold trend that goes all the way from Newfoundland through Greenland up to Sweden and Finland,” said Eldur Olafsson, founder and CEO of AEX Gold.

Swiss Mining Institute Conference

Swiss Mining Institute Conference
Swiss Mining Institute (SMI) presents two major annual investment conferences per year in Switzerland.Each conference provides top quality, independent perspectives from experts within the Resources Sector together with presentations from 10 selected mining companies.SMI invites over 400 selected Asset Managers, Fund Managers and HNWI from Switzerland/Geneva & Zurich.Participation in SMI’S private Events is by invitation only.

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