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Anna Golubova

Anna Golubova

Market Reporter

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Anna Golubova is the Market Reporter for Kitco News. As a journalist with ten years of experience, she has covered a range of topics, focusing on economy and politics. Anna began to exclusively cover economic news in 2013, attending media lockups at the Bank of Canada and Statistics Canada to report on a range of key macro economic events, including interest rate announcements, GDP, unemployment, and retail. She holds a Master of Arts in International Relations from NPSIA, Carleton and a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and History from the University of Ottawa.

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Politics are behind spot Bitcoin ETF delays, BTC price to re-test record highs in the next 18 months - Mike Belshe

(Kitco News) - Political pressure is delaying the approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF, according to Mike Belshe, CEO of BitGo. Despite this challenge, he remains optimistic that Bitcoin's price will re-test its record high of $69,000 in the next 18 months.

Fed speak: Will Fed Chair Powell point to rate cuts at the September meeting? - Axel Merk

(Kitco News) - With expectations that the Federal Reserve will hold rates steady on September 20, the idea of rate cuts could be brought up sooner than many anticipate, according to Axel Merk, President and CIO of Merk Investments, who sees Fed Chair Jerome Powell as having no real strategy.

Gold price to hit $5,000 in 3 years, watch the default wave kick off a U.S. recession in Q4 - Michael Lee

(Kitco News) - Even though the gold market lacks direction ahead of the Federal Reserve's September monetary policy meeting, prices will make a move and hit $5,000 an ounce within three years, according to Michael Lee, Founder of Michael Lee Strategy.

The yield curve is signaling a 'black swan' event in 2024, this is what it could be - George Gammon

(Kitco News) - The inversion of the yield curve has "incredible" predictive powers, and it is now telling investors that a global financial crisis 2.0 could hit the world economy in 2024, said George Gammon, an investor, macroeconomics expert, and host of the Rebel Capitalist Show.

BlackRock is buying Bitcoin miners while awaiting Spot ETF approval, is it gaining too much control over ecosystem? - George Gammon

(Kitco News) - BlackRock - the world's largest asset manager and a leading contender for a Spot Bitcoin ETF - is now reportedly getting into Bitcoin mining, and so much focus on the Bitcoin ecosystem from big Wall Street players might be dangerous for the world's largest cryptocurrency, according to George Gammon, an investor, macroeconomics expert, and host of the Rebel Capitalist Show.

BRICS missed a ‘massive' opportunity in its efforts to dethrone the dollar - Ken Olling

(Kitco News) - Adding more members to the BRICS bloc could lead to "fragmentation" and pose a serious impediment to the creation of a common currency down the road, according to Ken Olling, Founder and CEO of MELD.

How gold price gets to $10k: BRICS expansion, gold-backed currency, monetary reset - Willem Middelkoop

(Kitco News) - The BRICS formal invitation of Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia to join the bloc moves the world a step closer to a "very dangerous phase" for the U.S. and the next major conflict, according to Willem Middelkoop, Founder and CIO of the Commodity Discovery Fund.

All eyes are on the BRICS summit, but here's why de-dollarization is a 'fantasy detached from economic logic & reason' - Hugh Hendry

(Kitco News) - As the BRICS summit is underway, with Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa meeting in Johannesburg, the main themes are membership expansion and acceleration of de-dollarization.

Gold price at $6k? This asset is more likely to triple - Hugh Hendry

(Kitco News) - It is essential to have exposure to real assets in this uncertain macro environment, according to Hugh Hendry, Founder of Eclectica Macro. But Hendry still prefers to hold four times more Bitcoin than gold, and here's why.

Gold was confiscated in the 1930s, could your bank deposits face the same fate now? Hugh Hendry breaks down the probability it could really happen

(Kitco News) - With more cracks emerging in the banking sector, should U.S. citizens fear their bank deposits could be frozen?