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David Lifchitz

David Lifchitz

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David has more than 20 years of experience in alternative asset management having worked with Family Offices, Institutional Investors and hedge funds as portfolio and risk manager. Specialized in quantitative trading, his latest venture is ExoAlpha, a crypto trading firm he co-founded in 2019 which has been recognized by the industry for its ability to thrive during bear markets. ExoAlpha has joined forces with UK veteran asset manager Tellurian Capital to provide its crypto trading strategy in a regulated format to address institutional investors demand.

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Are cryptos becoming the new pink sheets?

(Kitco commentary) - Cryptos today make me think of the new pink sheets as they share many characteristics: unregulated instruments, highly speculative, and they have now become highly illiquid and easy to manipulate.

SEC’s Schrodinger cat

(Kitco commentary) - As the US declares open war on cryptos, price action has gone sideways, and the only way to get back in motion is if “new money” gets in, and that could be coming soon from Hong Kong as China has recently completely reversed its stance on the topic.

Bitcoin update – April 21th, 2023

(Kitco commentary) - As Bitcoin enters correction territory after a hot start to the year, many crypto traders wonder if the old Wall Street adage “Sell in May, and go away” is sage advice to follow at this time.

A sense of 2008…

(Kitco commentary) - For those old enough to have been in the markets in 2008, today's SVB failure wakes up bad memories...

2023 Bitcoin view

(Kitco commentary) - While we are still early in the year, and there are a lot of “unknowns” lurking in the shadows, 2023 could end as a mid-double-digit return for Bitcoin.

How to limit the impact of the -next- FTX ?

(Kitco commentary) - A lot has already been said on the FTX debacle, but I wanted to look at the event from a different angle: why it was much harder than some pretend to spot the fraud, what can be done now that trust in the system has been severely damaged and how to deal with the next FTX.

Will Bitcoin sleeping beauty eventually wake up?

(Kitco commentary) - After its initial fall from $50k at the beginning of the year, Bitcoin has not gone anywhere since July 1st, 2022 when it traded around $19,300. Now, the question that's on everybody's mind is if and when Bitcoin is going to wake up from its lethargy.

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