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Jacob Wolinsky

Jacob Wolinsky

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Jacob is the founder and CEO of ValueWalk, a financial information company. He also has experience working in business development, digital marketing and business operations. Jacob lives with his wife and five kids in Passaic, N.J. New Jersey.

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What's moving gold prices so early in November?

(Kitco commentary) - Market conditions have seen prices of spot gold jumping across the board in recent weeks, as investors begin to retreat on the Federal Reserve’s decision to hold off further interest rate hikes in November.

Feeling nervous about interest rates? Here’s five gold ETFs to fill your portfolio

(Kitco commentary) - During the "heyday" of near sub-zero interest rates, investors tend to flood the equities market, that's until economic turbulence begins to shake up market volatility, causing investors to jump ship and swim towards saver, and more resistant investment options.

Four gold stocks that's a treasure trove for ESG-focused investors

(Kitco commentary) - Focus on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) strategies remains a strong performance indicator for investors concerned about the sustainable future of the gold and mining industry.

Exploring investors "El Dorado" - four Latin American gold mining companies with long hold potential

(Kitco commentary) - Investors are once again keeping a close watch on central banks around the world, as many of them are set to announce a series of potential rate hikes in the coming weeks, further tightening their monetary policies, and indicating more potential hikes before the end of the year.

Gold stocks to watch following the failed insurrection in Russia

(Kitco commentary) - Gold markets are starting to show signs of improvement following the failed insurrection attempt by the Wagner Group, a Russian paramilitary organization led by mercenaries and a de facto private army of Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian businessman.

The gold broker rush. Best gold trading brokers for gold-hungry investors

(Kitco commentary) - Widespread economic concerns have seen central banks buying up stacks of gold bullion, nearly 1,079 tonnes of the precious metal during 2022, the most since records began back in 1950.

Novice investors should know the risks of digital gold before adding it to their portfolios

(Kitco commentary) - Ongoing market uncertainty against the backdrop of broader macroeconomic problems has seen a growing number of novice investors diversify their portfolios with commodities to hedge the eye-watering rise of inflation.

Gold presents a pleasant performance for investors amid banking uncertainty

(Kitco commentary) - The implosion of California-based, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) this month sent shockwaves across the market, as lawmakers and the federal government deployed emergency measures to shore up the banking system against a backdrop of broader macroeconomic problems.

Gold companies have a ways to go on ESG compliance, but here are the leaders

(Kitco commentary) - As investors become increasingly concerned about environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, companies are finding a growing need to release ESG-related data. In particular, gold producers have had some of the biggest problems with ESG compliance, for obvious reasons.

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