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Jonathan Da Silva

Jonathan Da Silva

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Jonathan Da Silva developed a passion for hard money and economics from a young age having been influenced by family who sought to teach me that "nothing is free", and the importance of intrinsic value early on. My interest in markets grew keener during the great financial crisis of 2008; leaning on family with vast trading experience, I began to self-educate on technical analysis and economics- drawing inspiration from the works of individuals like W.D. Gann and Adam Smith. I have been a proud member of the Kitco team since 2017 and hope that my writing inspires readers to consider an objective view of the metals, and the greater financial markets.

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Metals stackers - stay the course

(Kitco commentary) - No surprise to regular readers; silver has breached $24. I still believe the metal will complete the run to $24.50 and beyond should bulls break through the trendline and $24.50 (which I believe they eventually will ) with conviction.

Still surfing the silver wave

(Kitco commentary) - Last week with silver @ $22.35 spot I suggested the metal was getting ready for a pop. We got the initial move back into the yellow box but price got stuck at $23.50; but I still think silver will make it to the top of the box as then suggested.

Another setup for silver?

(Kitco commentary) - The call for gold to hold support at $1985 Monday was obviously wrong (no one is immune to hindsight), but the level itself wasnÂ’t. $1985 turned into resistance (as traders know prior support naturally does)

Keep following the Yellow Brick Road

(Kitco commentary) - The chart below shows the price finding resistance overnight after a tag of $2010. Currently price is supported at the $1985 level, which I believe will serve as support until the upcoming FED meeting.

Golden path to all time highs

(Kitco commentary) - A weekly close over $1930 today opens the door for traders of gold to catch a ride to $2000/10 in my opinion; simply said, I think the price will fill the space between the yellow lines on the weekly chart below, should the close over $1930 occur.

Physical precious metals ARE money

(Kitco commentary) - Regular readers know that I purposefully differentiate between trading metals and stacking metals.

Caution in risk; Bitcoin short?

(Kitco commentary) - Yesterday I mentioned the dramatic reversal in silver after a breakout above resistance was reversed, eluding to a similar fractal in stocks that I had cautioned about a few weeks ago.

Metals: anatomy of a breakdown

(Kitco commentary) - So much for the trade to $1865 gold and/or $22.50 silver right now. Stackers though, are seeing this smash down of price as a buying opportunity and rightfully so in my opinion. Premiums on physical bullion pieces are at their lowest in 3 years.

Silver trade update; gold leads

(Kitco commentary) - The trade in silver is manifesting; I speculated on a target at $22. As of now that target is still in view but longs need the price to breakout above the descending top trendline first.

A trade setup in silver?

(Kitco commentary) - The natural symmetry in price charts never ceases to amaze me.