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Copper emerges as the key player in the energy transition: Trigon Metals aims to lead the charge

Spurred by a desire by governments to be greener and less fossil-fuel dependent, the electrification trend in the modern economy is taking off.

Skyharbour secures major footprint in the world's richest depository of uranium in the world

The world is facing a climate crisis and political upheavals, which have pushed nuclear energy to the forefront of many political and social agendas. For the mining community, all eyes are on the positive impact this will have on uranium demand and pricing.

Japan Gold is the first foreign exploration company to focus entirely on gold opportunities in Japan

Japan has a rich history of high-grade gold mining from many mines but in 1943, the government declared a moratorium on gold mining to focus the mine workers on its war efforts.

Star Royalties takes a leap towards a more sustainable future with its pure-green subsidiary

The average person’s familiarity with borrowing and investing is often limited to credit cards, mortgages, and retirement savings plans. But at the corporate level, borrowing is done on grand scales using complex instruments, from multi-institution loans to sales of stock.

How Silver X is establishing itself as one of Peru’s premier silver producers

With a history of silver production that dates back centuries, Peru remains a key supplier of the precious metal to global markets. Indeed, Peru was second only to Mexico in silver production in 2020, generating 109.7 million ounces according to The Silver Institute.

Iconic Minerals is electrifying lithium development in the world's top mining destination

The world's growing fleet of electric vehicles is creating a high demand for lithium, the material used in the batteries that power those vehicles. In a sign of how steep the curve is for this metal, global production rose from 38,000 metric tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) in 2016 to 82,000 tonnes in 2020.

Arrow Exploration is riding the rising tide of oil demand

It's been a hard, slow climb back for oil producers from the darkest days of the COVID-19 crisis. During this time, the OPEC basket price plummeted to U.S. $17.66 per barrel, and futures prices for West Texas Intermediate nosedived to negative territory in April 2020.

Nickel Creek's massive Yukon deposit could help feed the battery metal boom

Nickel Creek Platinum's Nickel Shäw Project hosts one of the world's largest undeveloped nickel-copper sulphide and PGM deposits and ongoing exploration could make it larger

Inca One offers investors a golden opportunity to hedge against inflation

(Kitco News) - In 2021, consumers and investors don't need to go far to see inflation is rearing its head. Higher prices at the grocery store and gas pump provide weekly reminders that things cost more than they did pre-COVID.

Newlox Gold: bringing gold production and environmental remediation together in Central America

We’ve developed a model where we can clean up waste from artisanal gold mining and make money doing it. Our actual costs are very low and when you mix low costs with high grades, you get great margins