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Michael McCrae

Michael McCrae

Mining Audiences and Data Intelligence Manager

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Michael McCrae is leading Kitco's coverage of the mining sector. McCrae, who has both an MBA and CMA, knows how to build digital media properties. He was co-founder and publisher of, an award-winning news site. Before coming to media, McCrae worked in IT and banking. Please reach out: or (514) 670-1383. You can also follow him at @michaelmccrae.

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Pivoting from inflation fears to recession fears

(Kitco News) - Worries about inflation appear to be supplanted by fears about a recession, noted mining audiences manager Michael McCrae.

Moneta Gold focuses on completing a prefeasibility study for its Tower Gold project

(Kitco News) - With its preliminary economic assessment released last month, Moneta Gold (TSE:ME) is now working towards a prefeasibility study, said Gary O'Connor, president and CEO of Moneta Gold.

'I just don't see a soft landing' - Incrementum's Stoferle on the Fed's inflation fight

(Kitco News) - Too many indicators are flashing red to avoid a recession, noted Ronald-Peter Stoferle, Managing Partner, Incrementum AG.

Silver prices usually rise in the last quarter of a bull market - Midas Touch's Florian Grummes

(Kitco News) - Gold prices are well supported while silver's time to shine is probably later in the cycle said Florian Grummes, Managing Director of Midas Touch Consulting.

'Every time we've seen this it's coincided with a steep recession' - Tavi Costa on yield curve

(Kitco News) - Economic data is pointing to a recession said Tavi Costa, portfolio manager at Crescat Capital.

Junior gold miners are cautiously optimistic

(Kitco News) - This month's jump in gold prices off the good inflation numbers along with woes in the crypto space provided a lift to junior gold miners, said mining audiences manager Michael McCrae.

Cryptocurrencies maul gold - Pierre Lassonde assesses the damage

(Kitco News) - "This is where we are today. The juniors are so unloved, it's not funny. They are trading for a fraction of their value, and they cannot raise any money," said Lassonde.

Gold's next act - Felix Zulauf says precious metals will rise on debt worries, geopolitical tensions

(Kitco News) - Over the medium term, gold isn't great. The eight-year cycle in gold, which saw a top in 2020, points to a cyclical low in 2024, said Zulauf. After that, the metal should run due to geopolitical tensions and government debt loads.

'Unhealthy' - John Feneck doesn't see much support for the market's big move up in November

(Kitco News) - "To rebound that sharply on Friday indicates to me that the market is still pretty unhealthy."

M&A deal reshuffles the senior gold mining sector

(Kitco News) - Earlier this month Yamana Gold said it preferred a deal offered by Pan American Silver and Agnico Eagle Mines over a Gold Fields deal, which was announced in the spring.