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G. Miguel Perez-Santalla

G. Miguel Perez-Santalla

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Mr. Perez-Santalla has an accomplished and internationally recognized precious metalsÂ’ commodities career that has spanned the last four decades. His experience in trading, hedging, and risk management of precious metals for his past institutional, commercial, and retail customers makes his perspective deep and unique. He most recently worked with Heraeus Metals New York as Head of Precious Metals Risk Management Sales and is now currently the President of The Wyoming Reserve, LLC, a precious metals company. Throughout his career, Mr. Perez-Santalla has been interviewed by, quoted, and published in numerous print media and has appeared on Bloomberg and CNBC. He is known for his lively presentations made for the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI), Museum of American Finance and at The US Geological Survey in Virginia. Mr. Perez-Santalla has also served as President of the preeminent trade association for the precious metals industry, the International Precious Metals Institute and continues to publish his market commentaries on under the title - The Fortress of Certitude - Precious Metals and Crypto.

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