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Neils Christensen

Neils Christensen


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Neils Christensen has a diploma in journalism from Lethbridge College and has more than a decade of reporting experience working for news organizations throughout Canada. His experiences include covering territorial and federal politics in Nunavut, Canada. He has worked exclusively within the financial sector since 2007, when he started with the Canadian Economic Press. Neils can be contacted at: 1 866 925 4826 ext. 1526 nchristensen at @Neils_c

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Platinum demand grows 26% in Q1, expect more supply deficits

(Kitco News) - A growing supply deficit appears to be business as usual for platinum, and according to the World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC), the market is starting to see growing investment demand in anticipation of higher prices due to the ongoing supply crunch.

Analysts note it didn't take much to drive hedge funds back into gold and push prices above $1,800

(Kitco News) - Hedge funds once again see value in gold as money managers increase their bullish bets on the yellow metal and cover their bearish positions, according to the latest data from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Gold prices hit a wall at $1,850 and can't find any traction following New York Fed manufacturing data

(Kitco News) - The gold market is holding on to gains but is back below its 200-day moving average after the New York Federal Reserve noting better-than-expected momentum in its regional manufacturing sector.

Gold has the 'green light' as inflation heats up analysts look for break above $1,850

(Kitco News) - Analysts are still watching gold's $1,850 level closely as inflation pressures start to heat. Still, the uncertain economic outlook forces the Federal Reserve to remain patient and maintain its ultra-loose monetary policies.

Pay attention because inflation is here

(Kitco News) - If you didn't think inflation was going to heat up in 2021, then you haven't been paying attention.

Gold price can push above $1,850 as bullish sentiment pervades

(Kitco News) - Rising inflation pressures and renewed economic uncertainty continue to generate strong bullish sentiment in the gold market among market analysts and retail investors, according to the latest Kitco News Gold Survey.

Gold prices push higher following disappointing U.S. retail sales numbers

(Kitco News) - The gold market is seeing further gains Friday as U.S. consumers decided to hold on to their cash last month.

Rising inflation and record copper prices point to undervalued gold market - Felder Report

(Kitco News) - If investors want to know where gold prices are going, then they should be taking a look at the copper market, according to one market analyst.

Inflation pressures to drive gold prices to $2,000 as Federal Reserve holds the dovish line - Aberdeen Standard Investments

(Kitco News) - The gold market's recent break above $1,800 an ounce could be the start of a more significant move through the second half of the year that could push prices back to $2,000, according to one market analyst.

U.K. Royal Mint sees 540% increase in silver bar demand

(Kitco News) - The global precious metals market continues to see insatiable demand for physical silver.