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Thorsen Polleit

Thorsen Polleit

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Dr. Thorsten Polleit is Chief Economist of Degussa and Honorary Professor at the University of Bayreuth. He also acts as an investment advisor.

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Gold to remain reliable in increasingly unreliable world affairs

(Kitco commentary) - There is certainly no shortage of worrisome news out there. Think high inflation; increasingly heightened recessionary probabilities, particularly as central banks tighten monetary policy and governments attempt to decarbonize the economic system in a rather short period

Degussa markt report, 13 April, 2023

(Kitco commentary) - Degussa markt report, 13 April, 2023

Degussa markt report, 30.Mar, 2023

(Kitco commentary) - Not over yet. Hold gold and silver.

Degussa Marktreport, 16. Mar. 2023

(Kitco commentary) - Let me start by saying thank you very much for inviting me! It's a great pleasure for me to be on today's panel hosted by the LBMA.

Remarks at the LBMA panel: “behind the analysis”, 27 February 2023

(Kitco commentary) - There are a number of factors that I believe will be quite supportive of the price of gold this year and in the years to come, irrespective of some recent headwinds.

You think the global economy is brightening? Beware: the big hit is yet to come

(Kitco commentary) - Relief is spreading among economic analysts and stock market experts. Energy prices are decreasing noticeably.

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