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“ Paul van Eeden is a man who will help many make their fortunes. ” R.T.M.
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Paul van Eeden

Investor, analyst, commentator

Commodity analysts and financial publications were calling for higher gold prices in the mid 1990s, so the fact that the price of gold declined dramatically in the ensuing years illustrated an inherent flaw in the prevalent paradigm. Gold was being analyzed as a commodity with an emphasis on mine supply, fabrication demand and derivative trading, as well as, of course, producer hedging and Central Bank sales.

At the San Francisco Gold Show in November 1998, Paul van Eeden introduced his original thesis that the gold price in US dollars is driven by the US dollar exchange rate, and that traditional commodity style analyses would not yield predictive results when applied to gold. He showed that a dollar-only view of the gold market is inadequate: understanding the gold price requires a global view, incorporating exchange rates across many currencies. This novel line of thinking is now ubiquitously accepted.

In 2003 Paul went further, showing that the price of gold in US dollars is tightly correlated to the expansion of US monetary aggregates (M3) and that an analysis of gold as money not only clarifiesthe gold price from 1971 to the present, it has other implications that are still unforeseen by most financial and commodity analysts today. One of these is that the gold price will soon exceed $1,000 an ounce. Another is that, aside from operational differences, not all gold mining companies will benefit equally from this increase in the gold price.

Paul van Eeden not only does his own research on the fundamental drivers behind the gold market, he also takes a hands-on approach to investment analysis: interviewing management, studying exploration projects and visiting mining operations. Whilst investing in mining and exploration companies is inherently risky, value is never far from his mind and features forcefully in his selection criteria.