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Gold Ends Down; Technical Selling Trumps Safe-Haven Demand Apr 18 2014 1:25PM

(Kitco News) - Gold prices ended the U.S. day session lower and near the daily low Thursday. The bearish technical posture that has gripped the gold market this week is presently trumping potential safe-haven buying on the Russia-Ukraine crisis. June gold was last down $8.40 at $1,295.10 an ounce.

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Global Indices

Index data delayed 30 min.
updown DJIA 16,408.54 -16.31
updown NASDAQ 4,095.52 0.00
updown NIKKEI 14,491.39 +73.86
updown RUSSELL 1,137.90 0.00
updown NYSE 10,532.80 +27.04
updown TSX 14,500.40 +53.87
updown USD 79.84 -0.00
updown Crude Oil 104.59 +0.54
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