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Gold May Focus More On Geopolitical, Technical Factors As Economic Calendar Lightens Aug 1 2014 2:54PM

Geopolitical and technical-chart factors may move more to the forefront in the gold market next week since the U.S. economic calendar will lighten, analysts said.


Russia's Eurasian Vision Aug 1 2014 9:52AM

NEW YORK – The escalating conflict in Ukraine between the Western-backed government and Russian-backed separatists has focused attention on a fundamental question: What are the Kremlin’s long-term objectives? Though Russian President Vladimir Putin’s immediate goal may have been limited to regaining control of Crimea and retaining some influence in Ukrainian affairs, his longer-term ambition is much bolder

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Index data delayed 30 min.
updown DJIA 16,493.37 -69.93
updown NASDAQ 4,352.64 -17.13
updown NIKKEI 15,523.11 -97.66
updown RUSSELL 1,114.86 -5.21
updown NYSE 10,692.20 -34.27
updown TSX 15,215.30 -115.48
updown USD 81.31 -0.16
updown Crude Oil 97.62 -0.29
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