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The 6PM Recap With Gary Wagner: A Quiet End To Tumultuous Week Sees Oil Soar Again Aug 28 2015 6:12PM

Searching everywhere for a solid answer for crude’s sudden and unexpected rise, we have to settle on casino mentality speculative forces afoot in the marketplace.

Precious Metal Charts

Global Indices

Index data delayed 30 min.
updown DJIA 16,643.01 -11.76
updown NASDAQ 4,828.32 +15.62
updown NIKKEI 19,136.32 +561.88
updown RUSSELL 1,162.91 +9.31
updown NYSE 10,242.10 +11.55
updown TSX 13,865.10 +98.40
updown USD 96.14 -0.00
updown Crude Oil 45.33 +2.66
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