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Natixis Sees Gold Averaging $1,150 An Ounce In 2015, Down 9.1% From 2014 Mar 30 2015 1:22PM

The gold market is expected to continue to struggle in 2015 on the back of a surging U.S. dollar as the Federal Reserve prepares to normalize rates, a stark contrast to other major central banks, according to the latest research from Natixis.


Don't Underestimate The Effects Of A Strong Dollar Mar 11 2015 11:00AM

The effect and impact of a strong US dollar cannot be underestimated. Today we saw the US dollar climbed to a 12 year high. This move dramatically affected the US equities markets which gave up almost 300 points today, negating all of the gains of 2015. When we look at the US dollars impact on gold, we see a proverbial salmon swimming upstream. Believe it or not gold traded roughly $5.30 higher today based upon normal trading. When we add in dollar strength we need to subtract over $11 on the day. The net effect of course was gold trading approximately six dollars lower today.

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