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The 6 P.M. Recap With Gary Wagner: On To Thanksgiving Nov 26 2014 6:00PM

Two currents were pushing gold prices around today. The first, and most important for us in the long term is that a raft of data from the U.S. economy came in shaky at best. Consumer sentiment, housing and manufacturing declines sent red flags flying, raising concerns that the world's biggest economy is losing momentum in the final few months of 2014.

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Global Indices

Index data delayed 30 min.
updown DJIA 17,827.75 +12.81
updown NASDAQ 4,787.32 +29.07
updown NIKKEI 17,232.30 -151.28
updown RUSSELL 1,190.62 +4.29
updown NYSE 11,047.90 +18.54
updown TSX 15,038.40 -35.24
updown USD 87.62 -0.04
updown Crude Oil 72.79 -0.90
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