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Deutsche Bank: PGM Supply Deficits To Be ‘More Durable;’ Rhodium ‘Comeback Kid’ Aug 29 2014 3:26PM

Supply deficits in the platinum group metals are likely to be larger and more durable than in the past, said Deutsche Bank Friday.


Rare World Metals Mint - Pioneering a Market for Technology Metals Aug 29 2014 1:06PM

There is general consensus that technology metals (precious metals, specialty metals and rare earth elements) will play an even more critical role in future technologies. Not surprisingly, readers of this blog keep asking about how to invest in these metals, and how to physically own them. One such source is Rare World Metals Mint LLC who are offering a series of these metals online to private collectors and investors. TMI spoke with Sean Wells who started the company together with his partner, Christian Gray.

“We’ve been selling metals since S

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Index data delayed 30 min.
updown DJIA 17,098.45 +18.88
updown NASDAQ 4,580.27 +22.58
updown NIKKEI 15,674.95 +198.35
updown RUSSELL 1,174.35 0.00
updown NYSE 11,046.30 0.00
updown TSX 15,625.70 +67.56
updown USD 82.88 +0.10
updown Crude Oil 95.84 -0.12
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