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Kitco was reported as one of the Hot Google Searches in April, 2013 as mentioned on NBC’s The Today Show!

Kitco Media

Kitco’s Media division brings global news content to websites, newswires and other media customers. The Kitco News team reports on the precious and base metals markets with accuracy and objectivity. Our goal is to help people make informed market decisions through in-depth reporting, daily market roundups, interviews with prominent industry figures, comprehensive coverage (often exclusive) of important industry events and analyses of market-affecting developments. Our content is available to consumers 24x7 on desktops and mobile devices.

Kitco Metals Inc.

A Canadian corporation founded in 1977, Kitco Metals Inc. is an international company that has its headquarters in Montreal and offices in New York and Hong Kong. Considered to be the leading precious metals reference, Kitco’s website ( is visited daily by close to 600,000 people around the world. Kitco has earned a solid reputation as a leading innovator in the industry, being the first precious metals company to carry out its activities online and to create real-time market information applications for smart phones. For more information about Kitco Metals Inc., visit

Our Power Open in a new window is one of the most recognized brands in precious metals and the world’s #1 source of metals market information. It has an average Alexa global traffic rank of 2,475 and ranks 1,151 in the United States. ranks second only to Wikipedia on Google search results for “gold” and “silver”.

Kitco web sites enjoy an average of 70 million page views and 5 million unique visitors monthly. Nearly 600,000 people rely on daily for live price quotes, data, general market and economic news, commodity market news, analyses, and expert commentaries.

With the average visitor returning to multiple times a day, the website provides advertisers built-in frequency and the opportunity of reaching a truly captive and “sticky” audience of visitors.

monthly unique visitors
monthly page views
25,000,000 on iPad

Readership geographic breakdown Readership geographic breakdown Open in a new window

As its name suggests, this website is dedicated to silver, a metal that is as popular among first-time buyers seeking precious metals exposure as it is among seasoned traders. The website offers users a host of critical market intelligence including prices, trends, charts, data, commentaries, analyses, financial agency reports and resource industry press releases. It is an exclusively silver-focused replica of the larger and more general Being a single metal-specific website, it attracts over 1,300,000 visits monthly, of which over 300,000 are unique.

monthly unique visitors
monthly page views
monthly visits
1,300,000 Open in a new window

Everything that makes a popular destination is replicated on, but tailored to the needs of those interested in base metals. Prices, charts and data pertaining to copper, nickel, aluminum, zinc, lead, uranium and other metals are available on-demand and at a glance. The website also provides visitors easy and free access to commentaries, analyses, financial agency reports, resource industry press releases and equities information. Since January 2013, has been attracting an average of over 800,000 visits monthly, of which over 170,000 are unique.

monthly unique visitors
monthly page views
monthly visits
800,000 Open in a new window is one of China’s top three sources of metals market information. It has a current Alexa ranking of 1,980 in China and is growing rapidly. Since 2006 has been building its readership, now averaging over 1,500,000 visits monthly of which 270,000 are unique. Thousands of people daily rely on for live price quotes, data, general market and economic news, commodity market news, free analyses, and expert commentaries.

monthly unique visitors
monthly page views
monthly visits

Our Assets

Kitco News - The definitive voice on precious metals

Kitco News has one of the world’s largest dedicated team of journalists reporting on the precious and base metal markets with accuracy and objectivity. We believe that our incisive and in-depth reporting can help investors make informed market decisions.

the world’s #1 source of metals market information

John Dourekas
John DourekasExpand iconView bio
Media Director

1 877 963-NEWS

John Dourekas is responsible for developing and maintaining Kitco's online assets and the overall organization of Kitco's Media Department. He leads content development and strategy for Kitco Media worldwide.

News team

Daniela Cambone
Daniela Cambone

1 877 963-NEWS

Daniela Cambone is the Editor-in-Chief for Kitco News. With over a decade of international experience, Daniela covers prominent industry events and interviews a number of leading analysts, financiers and political leaders for Kitco News. She began her career covering the Canadian financial landscape and later worked as a television correspondent in Europe for four years, reporting on the political and financial scene. Daniela holds a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism from Montreal’s Concordia University and a Master of Arts in Journalism & Communications from the University of Rome.

Neils Christensen
Neils Christensen

1 866 925 4826 ext. 1526

Neils Christensen has a diploma in journalism from Lethbridge College and has more than a decade of reporting experience working for news organizations throughout Canada. His experiences include covering territorial and federal politics in Nunavut, Canada’s newest arctic territory. He has worked exclusively within the financial sector since 2007, when he started with the Canadian Economic Press.

David Lin For interview requests and events, Contact David
David Lin
Associate Producer

1 866 925 4826 ext. 1314

David Lin is the Associate Producer for Kitco News. He graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance. During his studies at McGill, he served as editor for The Bull & Bear, McGill's business school magazine. Prior to joining Kitco News, he was a macroeconomics researcher for BCA Research.

Allen Sykora
Allen Sykora
Senior Reporter

Allen Sykora reports on the mining industry for Kitco News. He previously covered foreign-exchange and commodity markets for Futures World News, Dow Jones Newswires and Kitco for 24 years. He holds a mass communications degree from Mankato State University in Minnesota and worked as a reporter and editor at newspapers in Minnesota, Iowa and Alaska before becoming a financial journalist.

Jim Wyckoff
Jim Wyckoff
Senior Market Analyst and Columnist

1 877 963-NEWS

Jim Wyckoff has been involved with stock, financial and commodity markets for over 25 years. His experience and specialized training in journalism and economics enrich his popular daily AM-PM Round-up and his Technically Speaking column on He was a financial journalist with the FWN newswire service for many years, including stints as a reporter on the rough-and-tumble commodity futures trading floors in Chicago and New York. As a journalist, he has covered every futures market traded in the U.S., at one time or another.

Jim also worked as a technical analyst for Dow Jones Newswires and as the senior market analyst with Jim was also the head equities analyst at He received his degree from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, where he studied journalism and economics.

Peter Hug
Peter Hug
Director, Global Trading, Kitco Metals

1 877 963-NEWS

Peter Hug has been involved in the precious metals industry since 1974. In his segment For Pete’s Sake, Peter draws on frontline experience acquired over the years to provide a trader’s perspective on the market. He began gaining first-hand investment industry experience at Deak-Perera. He served as SVP at Guardian Trust Company, which became one of the largest international trading houses for precious metals. He developed the first precious metals certificate program and the first margin trading accounts for metals on the cash market. A frequent speaker at precious metals conferences and in the financial media, he is one of the handful of experts who have succeeded through multiple bull and bear cycles on the strength and skills honed during the dramatic fluctuations of the 1980s.

Kira McCaffrey Brecht
Kira McCaffrey Brecht
Technical Analyst

Kira Brecht has been writing about and analyzing the financial markets for over 20 years. Kira has written widely on gold, crude oil and other commodity futures, the stock market, the global economy, and currency markets throughout her career. She began her career on the Chicago commodity futures trading floors working as a financial journalist and then became the Chicago Bureau Chief with the FWN newswire service. Kira also worked as a technical analyst at MMS International advisory service, a division of Standard & Poors and technical analyst for the Dow Jones commodity newswires. Kira was managing editor at SFO (Stock, Futures & Options) magazine for 10 years. She has passed Level 1 and Level 2 CMT exams from the Market Technicians Association (MTA). She received her degree at Brown University where she studied political science. Kira provides Monday technical gold market specials and Friday commentary outlooks on

Sarah Benali
Sarah Benali
Senior Producer, Digital Media

Sarah Benali is the Senior Producer of Digital Media for Kitco News. She earned a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance in Montreal, Canada. Prior to joining Kitco News, she worked in the Canadian banking sector and also covered emerging markets and microfinance news.

Our Content

Through original reporting by our on-staff reporters and editors and through careful selection of information from outside sources, we aim to provide essential news. In addition to price movement reporting on key precious and base metals, we report on the underlying and collateral events that affect markets such as government economic reports, natural disasters, mining labor problems and other price-sensitive developments.

Kitco News editors and reporters have no bias towards price direction. Our mission is to develop as much market-oriented information as possible for readers.

The world’s favorite provider of timely, reliable and relevant precious metals news, information and commentary.

AM-PM Roundup

Kitco News starts and ends the day with Senior Technical Analyst Jim Wyckoff preparing investors with an overview of how the markets opened and closed. What moved metal prices? How do the technicals look? The AM story is a brief look at the important developments "overnight" that are impacting the markets, specifically gold and silver.The PM report is a round-up of the U.S. day session's price action in gold and a recap of the day's events affecting markets.Both reports also contain "Wyckoffs Daily Market Risk Rating", which is unique and differentiates this report from others.

Market Nuggets

Market nuggets offer the best-of-the best in expert analysis. The nuggets offer a short synopsis of bank forecasts, and the outlooks of famed economists. Where does Goldman Sachs see gold headed; what is Dennis Gartman's or Nouriel Roubini's latest take on the metals? The nuggets are updated throughout the day.

Technically Speaking

Key resistance levels? Price action? Market Analyst and Columnist Jim Wyckoff aims to provide insight through the use of his daily technical charts for gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Kitco Gold Survey

Bulls or Bears? Wall Street vs. Main Street puts together leading analysts and regular metals investors to find out where they think gold is headed next week. Will they be bullish or bearish? Picked up and quoted by other leading news organizations, this feature has become a cornerstone for the industry and an indicative benchmark.

Weekly Outlook

What can investors expect for the week ahead? Which fundamentals are moving the metals' market? Kitco News' Weekly Gold Outlook recaps how the week's events affected the gold market, and where expert analysts think the metal is headed next. Every Friday, get an in-depth look into the metals space and see how experts see the fundamentals set up gold for the week ahead.

Mining Minutes

Find breaking precious metals mining news with Kitco News' Mining Minutes. Updated daily, these briefs provide the latest company, mining equity, and market updates on the gold, silver, and precious metals' mining sector.

Kitco Commentary features leading commentaries by some of the brightest minds in the field including Jim Wyckoff, Peter Hug, Kira Brecht, James Turk, Frank Holmes and many more. You can catch their insights daily on

Special Coverage

Kitco News has access to some of the most coveted industry events. The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI) and the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) are some of the leading events that we cover, bringing visitors the most in-depth and comprehensive reportage.

Our Channel

Follow Kitco Video News for revealing insights from across the commodities sector. Join us as we cover important industry events. Watch our exclusive interviews with CEOs, analysts, pundits, politicians and other influential figures. Understand market forces with the help of leading experts. Keep an eye on global developments that have marketmoving potential. We leave no stone unturned to keep you abreast and ahead of everything that’s relevant to you.

Everything and everyone of relevance to the commodities sector – reported, analyzed and interviewed in one place.

On The Spot
On the Spot
with Daniela Cambone

Editor-Producer Daniela Cambone travels the globe covering conferences and interviewing key political and economic leaders on the resource industry’s hottest topics.

Technically Speaking
Technically Speaking
with Jim Wyckoff

Jim’s charts come to life every week via Technically Speaking. Kitco News’ Daniela Cambone interviews Jim on key price targets and gets his weekly market rating for gold and silver. Does gold get a passing grade this week? Watch to find out!

For Pete’s Sake
For Pete’s Sake
with Peter Hug

From the latest market-making swings to the forward-looking important events that could impact the markets, every Monday, For Pete’s Sake with Peter Hug breaks down the news and reviews the latest information from North America, Europe and Asia to help you decide how to play the week.

Commodities Confidential
Commodities Confidential
with Jeff Christian

CPM Group analysts examine commodity outlooks, price directions and other hot topics. The show provides viewers with coveted numbers and figures from CPM’s premium weekly research reports, which are usually available exclusively to the Group’s paying customers.

Special Coverage
Special Coverage
with Daniela Cambone

Kitco News has access to some of the most coveted industry events. The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI) and the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) are some of the leading events that we cover, bringing visitors the most in-depth and comprehensive reportage.

with Vince Lanci

Cameron Hanover’s Managing Director, Vince Lanci gives viewers the real deal in classic New York fashion - no holds barred and no restraints. Vince tells it like it is.

Chart This!
Chart This!
with Gary Wagner

A former New Yorker, Gary Wagner abandoned the brief case and tie and joins us weekly from his new home in Hawaii. Every week he provides a new educational segment from using Japanese Heikin-Ashi Charts to using Elliott Wave Analysis, Gary breaks it down for investors on Chart This!

Mining Minutes
Mining Minutes
with Alex Létourneau

Mining Reporter Alex Létourneau gives a weekly review of his Mining Minutes, providing insight into the world of mining. Which companies are really making a move and need to be followed? Alex breaks it all down for viewers.

Our Tools

Mobile web Visit Kitco Mobile web

Kitco’s popular website, reformatted for those who want it on the go! This mobile-friendly version of Kitco’s website brings all of our most popular content - charts, data, news, analyses, commentaries and videos - to mobile devices, keeping you in touch with the markets anytime, anywhere.

Mobile apps Learn more about Kitco Mobile apps

Kitco’s pioneering range of Kcast applications brings rich, real-time market information (prices, trends, exchange rates, quotes, news, videos, etc.) to over 1.5 million mobile device users the world over. Available for the latest devices and operating systems such as the BlackBerry, the iPhone, the iPad, Android, Palm, and Windows Phone 7, these applications offer convenient, customizable, easy and unlimited access to the most current market information.

Social media

In the precious metals community Kitco is a cornerstone in the social media realm, one that constantly shapes and influences the online discussion. From our world-class Kitco Forums, a discussion-based community containing a priceless collection of user-generated knowledge, to our popular YouTube channel and social media presence, Kitco Media provides a wealth of precious metals information through our many social media portals. Whether it’s up-to-the-minute price updates through our Twitter services or exclusive video and news content, Kitco Media is there first, bringing premium content directly to the people.

Gold forum Visit Kitco Gold forum

The Gold forum is an online hangout for precious metal enthusiasts on It’s where opinions are voiced, news is discussed, products are rated, roses and brickbats are thrown and the news is dissected by rookies, veterans, pundits, punters and just about anyone with a stake in the metals markets.

Chart and data Learn more about Kitco Chart and data

Kitco’s world-famous charts and data are a staple for first-time precious metal buyers and seasoned traders alike. Users can track prices from the current instant all the way back to the year 1792! In addition to multi-year historical charts, there are customizable interactive charts, embeddable live charts and innumerable other powerful information graphing and display tools that cover gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, base metals, currencies, oil and resource stocks.

Desktop apps Learn more about Kitco Desktop apps

Kcast desktop applications bring all the power of their mobile counterparts to the PC and Macintosh desktops. Users can monitor prices, trends, exchange rates, quotes and other dynamic data from the comfort of their armchairs. Versions of the Kcast Desktop app are available for the most common Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems.

Our Partners

Kitco News reporting is featured on or syndicated by many leading business websites including, and

Forbes NASDAQ Globe and Mail

Our Fame

Our expert analysts are often quoted on Bloomberg, CNBC, NBC News, Associated Press, MarketWatch and CNN.

Bloomberg CNBC NBC News

Associated Press CNN MarketWatch

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